What Are The Tools Of AdPlexity – A Glimpse About Them

Spy Tools have flooded the market. There seems to be a Spy Tool for every aspect of digital marketing.

The question becomes, which is the best?

What if you have multiple needs?

Is there a Spy Tool that somehow takes care of all those needs?

We have tried quite a number of Spy Tools. Our reviews are a true reflection of what you will get when you subscribe.

This review is very special to us. We are reviewing one of the best Spy Tools of 2022, AdPlexity!

On top of that, we will unveil Exclusive AdPlexity Coupon Codes. You will not find these discounts any where else. Stick with us.

AdPlexity and How It Works

AdPlexity is a powerful Spy Tool catering to NativeMobile, and Adult Ads.

With AdPlexity, you get to SpyCopy, and Learn from your competitors Ad campaigns.

Among the finer details you will learn from your competitors are:

  • Which offers they are running? Are they the same as yours?
  • What are their profit margins? Are they making more than you?
  • Are there any other similar offers? Will they be lucrative for you?
  • Which angles do they use? Are they useful to you?
  • Which traffic sources do they use? Do you use the same or can you try?

AdPlexity is a Complex Comprehensive Tool. This is because it features an independent software for each of their services.

They refer to the products as AdPlexity Tools.

Let us explore these AdPlexity Tools to see how they will benefit you.

AdPlexity Tools

There are 8 AdPlexity Tools in total.

We have awesome AdPlexity Coupon Codes for each of the Tools.

Read on as we discuss each tool.

AdPlexity Mobile

The AdPlexity Mobile Tool caters to Pop-upRedirects, Mobile Web, and In-App Ads running on Mobile devices.

AdPlexity Mobile supports Android and iPhone devices. You will have access to Ads running in over 75 countries.

Additionally, you can easily download your competitor’s Landing Pages as well as study their Ad trends.

AdPlexity Mobile lets you in on Mobile Ad Exchanges as well as Ads promoting affiliate offers.

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AdPlexity Native

AdPlexity Native targets Native Ads. You can check out Native Ads running on Windows PC, iPad, iPhone, Android Phones, Mac, and Android Tablets.

AdPlexity Native is operational in 32 countries. You will have access to the top 7 most popular Native Traffic Sources in the market.

Search for Native Ads by AdvertiserPublisherAffiliate Network, or Keyword. If you see a good Ad, simply download it including the Landing Page, Graphics, CSS, and Javascript.

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AdPlexity Desktop

This AdPlexity Tool deals primarily with Pop-up and Display Web Desktop Ads. You can search for Ads by KeywordPublisherAdvertiser, or Affiliate Network.

Additionally, you can check out Ads running Affiliate offers as well as download any Ads and Landing Pages you like.

AdPlexity Desktop is compatible with Windows ChromeFirefoxSafari, and Windows IExplore.

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AdPlexity Push

AdPlexity Push is a software for Push Notifications. With AdPlexity Push, you can view Ads from over 80 countries including all the major ones.

Moreover, you will access the top 10+ Push Traffic Sources as well as Hidden Ad Campaigns running on over 90 Mobile Carriers.

You will love all the Ads Promoting Affiliate Offers featured in over 100 different Affiliate Networks.

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AdPlexity E-Commerce

AdPlexity E-Commerce is a tool dealing with e-commerce products and e-stores.

This is a pretty cool tool packing over 100,000 e-stores and over 70 million products. You can search for products by Product StrengthBest PerformingLast SeenLast Added, or Price.

Additionally, you can search for E-stores and filter results by Number of ProductsMost Expensive or Cheapest Products, or by Average Product Price.

AdPlexity E-commerce also shows the Revenue Boosting Apps that your competitors are using.

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AdPlexity Carriers

AdPlexity Carriers is a tool for multiple users.

It is meant for AffiliatesAffiliate NetworksMobile NetworksAd AgenciesAd verification Systems, and Services and App Developers.

Affiliates can monitor their Conversion FlowsBypass Cloakers, and take advantage of Carrier-Specific offers.

Moreover, all digital marketers can keep a close eye on their Landers while testing out different Banners and Exciting CTAs.

Ad Verification Systems can ensure Affiliate Compliance using this tool.

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AdPlexity Adult

AdPlexity tapped into the lucrative Adult Entertainment arena.

You can now use AdPlexity Adult to access Mobile Web and Pop-under Adult Ads running on both MobileDesktop Mac, and Desktop Windows devices.

Search for Ads by KeywordPublisherAdvertiser, and Affiliate Network.

Also gain access to Adult Ad Exchange insights as well as hidden carrier-specific Ads running on over 120 mobile carriers.

Our Special AdPlexity Adult Coupon Code is MEGPLEXITY50. You will get $50 Off and pay $149 per month rather than $199 monthly.

AdPlexity API

AdPlexity API is an acronym for Application Program Interface. This AdPlexity Tool is under construction and will be released soon.

Stay tuned.

Final Thoughts

AdPlexity has strived to present a comprehensive solution to all things digital marketing. We love AdPlexity Tools because they go the extra mile to ensure you get all you need out of a Spy Tool.

All this, plus the fact that we are offering outstanding discounts on each of AdPlexity Tools is all the reason you need to sign up.

Tell us your experiences and thoughts about AdPlexity and our platform at large. We always look forward to hearing from you.